Let's help one another(Action Love)

Helping Children.

We are dedicated to bettering the lives of suffering children. Our desire is that every child has a family and safe-home, to provide them with nutritious food( plant-based meals), clothing, clean water and education.


We believe Education is the key to development. Education improves life-long health, income and their future. New Eden Charity Foundation works to ensure that every child in Myanmar can receives a good quality education and gains the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in the future.

Gender Equality

Fighting for Children and Women for their Fundamental Human Rights. Protecting them from danger of abuse, trafficking, forced Marriage and from forced labor.

Humanitarian Aid

New Eden Charity Foundation responds humanitarian crises in Myanmar. In any crisis, children and women are always the most vulnerable. We make sure that children and women affected by disasters, famines, and armed conflict get life-saving shelter, food and water fast. We safeguard children and women, and help them recover from crises by providing emotional support, food and safe places to live.

Rural Community Development

Building Schools, Enhancing human resources, income opportunities, supplying agricultural products,promoting food security and protection of Natural environment.